Clear your Credit of negatives and challenge Creditors !!!

We can help clients dispute and negotiate negatives on thier credit reports, and sue for damages done!!! With our Consumer Lawyer Affiliates we have gotten settlements and results for our clients against lenders and Debt Collection companies such as Sofi Bank, Credit One Bank, First Premier, Convergent Outsourcing, and Portfolio Recovery just to name a few. Let us help you regain your financial freedom and hold companies accountable for violation of your consumer rights !!!


How OUr Credit Repair Works



In the "Analyze" stage of our credit repair process, we conduct a thorough review of your credit reports from all major credit bureaus to pinpoint inaccuracies, violations of FCRA, FDCPA, TILA and outdated information. This detailed analysis helps us identify the specific areas that need attention and sets the foundation for crafting an effective credit repair strategy tailored to your unique situation.



During the "Dispute" phase of our credit repair process, we challenge any erroneous or unsubstantiated items identified in your credit report by directly contacting creditors and credit bureaus. Our experienced team utilizes customized dispute letters and other legal strategies such as arbitration or litigation to advocate on your behalf, ensuring that your credit report reflects only accurate and fair information.



In the "Resolution" stage of our credit repair process, we monitor the responses from creditors and credit bureaus to ensure that disputed items are corrected or removed. We then provide you with updated credit reports, allowing you to see the improvements and ensuring that your credit history is accurate and fully optimized. Keeping you informed every step of the way with a user friendly client portal.





Don't be hard on yourself let us get rid of that account that you let go delinquent


Late Payments

We get it life happens, we reach out to the creditors directly to convince them to give you a break



We make sure that these companies don't take advantage of you with monthly charge off reporting.



Know your rights, know that your public records deserve privacy



Let us dispute that unfair car repo and read the fine print for you.


Student Loans

You don't deserve to want a better education and have to unfairly over pay for it


Medical Bills

We understand that mistakes are made in the medical industry when it comes to medical billing and we know how to fight them.



Inquires that were unauthorized or not approved, let us go to bat for you


Tax Liens

Not even Uncle Sam can convince us not to fight for you.

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Which Solution Fits Your Needs

Gold Ultra Plan

Gold Ultra Plan offers an expedited 3-6 round process which includes dispute of inaccurate personal information, inquires, collections, charge offs, late payments, bankruptcy, repossessions, and evictions using consumer law, factual disputing, and additional tools such direct electronic disputing, certified mailed disputing, and tool utilization of the CFPB, BBB, and Attorney General to expedite results
Pricing Plans available to those who Qualify

Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan offers an expedited 3-4 round process which includes dispute of inaccurate personal information, inquires, collections, charge offs, late payments, bankruptcy, repossessions, and evictions using consumer law, factual disputing, and additional tools such as direct electronic disputing, certified mailed disputes, CFPB, BBB, Direct CEO communication, Attorney General disputes, direct demand letter to original creditor or debt collection companies, drafted legal complaint for violation of rights, and lawyer case referral for ultimate results and remedy.
Pricing Plans available to those who Qualify

MaKe Extra Cash With our Collection to Cash Webinar

Receive Checks for damages to your credit report

For only $50 we will help you unlock the secrets to removing collection accounts and transforming your credit report with Big Shot Credit Repair’s exclusive  webinar. Our expert-led session will reveal proven strategies to eliminate negative marks and empower you to earn $1,000 or more per negative account.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Step-by-Step Guide: Detailed instructions on how to remove collection accounts from your credit report.
  • Insider Secrets: Proven techniques and industry insights to tackle even the toughest credit challenges.
  • Profit Strategies: Learn how to turn your credit repair efforts into a lucrative venture, making $1,000 or more per removed negative account.
  • Expert Support: Access to professional advice and answers to all your credit repair questions.

Why Attend?

  • Achieve Financial Freedom: Improve your credit score, qualify for better loans, and enjoy financial peace of mind.
  • Unlock Opportunities: Whether it’s a dream home, a new luxury vehicle, or simply better credit terms, our webinar will pave the way.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain valuable knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else, delivered by seasoned credit repair professionals.

Reserve Your Spot Now! Join us and take the first step toward a cleaner credit report and a fuller bank account. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to kick collections to the curb and turn negatives into profits. Secure your place today and start your journey to financial success with Big Shot Credit Repair!



Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

The average time is 3-6 months but can go as long as 7-12 months, but there is not one answer to this question because everyone’s credit file and needs are different. This is why we recommend setting an appointment for a free consultation with our team to figure out which plan and process works for you. It is imperative that once we start your process, you communicate with us on any literature or mail that the creditors and bureaus send you, in order for us to respond correctly and timely, and keep your repair running smoothly. Any stall in communication can tremendously slow down the process.

We do understand affordability is a concern with some of our clients which is why we offer flexible payment plans to our clients who qualify.
Each client’s results will vary because each type of item may require different amounts of work to get deleted, but we’ve seen results with some clients in as little as 30 days.
We do recommend that while we are working on your credit file that you Do Not apply for any credit items, for it can hinder and slow down the credit restoration process.
These credit monitoring services are connected to our software and our client portal that you will create with our company. This allows us to stay fully updated along the entire process of all changes happening with your credit file while we work our magic
While we can not guarantee an exact time frame of when and what certain items will be removed, we do suggest you contact us at least 6 months in advanced notice to start the process for any activities you have coming up such as house, car purchases etc to give us enough time to work on your credit file.
You don’t have to check in with us. You will be connected to your own client portal which will keep you updated on all actions taken by our company on your behalf. Including credit score increases, letters sent out, and any request we may need from you. It is important that you stay active in your portal to stay updated with what’s going on. And remember it takes at least 30 days for the bureaus and creditors to respond to our disputes and request each time we reach out.